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Programmes of Illinois York Rite College No. 15

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This page will discuss the ritual work and programmes offered by Illinois York Rite College No. 15 to support York Rite Freemasonry in North-eastern Illinois.

Among these are: the staging of the Masonic play, King Hiram and the Word which introduces Master Masons to the lessons available in the York Rite; assistance to Cryptic Councils for exemplifying the optional Super Excellent Master degree; and serving as talent pool for York Rite bodies needing assistance in their ritual.

Illinois College No. 15 team confers Orders of Red Cross & Malta to help Chicago-area Commanderies advance Templar candidates

Continuing their mission to assist and support the York Rite bodies, Illinois College No. 15 maintains a highly proficient degree team that periodically confers the full-form Illustrious Order of the Red Cross and Order of Malta on candidates from commanderies of Knights Templar in the greater Chicago area.

Like many colleges, Illinois No. 15 has four appointed heralds, one each for the blue lodges, Royal Arch chapters, cryptic councils, and commanderies, identifying assistance needs and coordinating officer slates. Serving as the chivalric orders' herald is Companion Knight William E. Jegen, OPC, Right Eminent Past Grand Commander of Illinois.

The most recent conferral for 13 candidates was hosted by Mizpah Commandery No. 53 in the south suburb of Oak Lawn on 31 May 2014. Participants included Apollo No. 1 of Wheaton, Joliet No. 4, Sycamore No. 15 of DeKalb, Ivanhoe No. 33 of Kankakee, St. Bernard No. 35 and St. Elmo No. 64 of Chicago, Bethel No. 36 of Palatine, Evanston No. 58, and Trinity No. 80 of Downers Grove.

“Most Commanderies are no longer able to assemble a team to confer the Red Cross and Malta in full form, which also requires equipment and uniforms they may no longer have,” said Preeminent Governor Jack D. Chasteen, DSA, OPC. “Our College coordinates quality degree experiences that help rejuvenate the York Rite bodies while preparing candidates to receive the Order of the Temple.”


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